Vintage Pearl Wispers Pude 60x90

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The beautiful Suzani Plaids are made from the classic Kantha Sari throws. The most beautiful designs in beautiful colors and shapes are hand-embroidered on top, which gives them a completely unique and exclusive look.
This ancient craft tradition originates from Central Asian countries and is made by local tribes with silk or cotton thread.
Each Plaid is unique and tells its own story in the hand-embroidered designs. Use the blanket as a cozy blanket on the sofa for cold winter evenings or a cool summer evening, or place it at the foot of the bed and fill it with Suzani cushions and linen cushions united in a wonderfully colorful cushion mix.
Product information:
Material: 100% cotton
Size: It varies according to the craft, but the size is approx. 150x220 cm.
Origin: India.