This is where you come in behind the facade of Quote Copenhagen-into the machinery space itself.

I run the company on seven. This year, the creative ideation maker of all actions in the company of extreme 4-5 hats is on ; I have, however, like all two arms and two legs, which, of course, means that I am not alone in all of this. I am surrounded by a lot of amazing people who are all helping just exactly where their help and skills are doing well! And in a small individual company like mine, those people who are the closest to me ... here are my beautiful and fantastic family, the self-written.

I get good help from my sweet man, Martin, who helps in his leisure time with everything in IT and all other technical things I don't understand, and lift of heavy things.

My youngest daughter, Caroline, can always help with sparring, proofreading, translations into English, and is a wonderful model of many of my pictures.

My son, Nicholas, solves various Excel challenges, and is with Caroline a good backup of expediting orders when I'm out of town.

My oldest daughter, Jeanette, is the amazing photographer of most of my pictures, and she goes to India in February with me to India, where she wants to make small, short video sequences, so that you can keep up with our trip, including selection and color coordination of the products, visits to the women who make the delicate canteen stitches of our plaids and get an idea of what it's like to be working in India.

Jeanette is also in the process of a small local gathering in her children's reentry, so that we can bring clothes and toys to children in the villages who work to the Quote Plaids as fine as they are.

I can't wait to invite you in.